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Covid -19 laundromat response and rules:

Statement: Our personnel is working very hard to keep this laundromat clean and sanitized for everyone’s protection.

Laundromats are considered an “essential business” and need to stay open for everyone to stay clean and healthy. Please follow the rules for the community's sake!

We are open 6:00 am to 8:45 pm-(last load)

***least busy weekdays and mornings***

No extra person’s in the laundry at any time. If you are not actively doing the laundry stay out of the building.

Please leave the children at home.

Try to park where you can see your clothes. while clothes are in wash or dry take note of the time displayed on the machine if you can sit in your car.

Wash hand with soap after you handle your dirty and before touching your clean laundry.

Fold here and bag clothes if you must. we recommend you fold at home.

We will be in and out of store sanitizing all surfaces and equipment, however, be mindful of others keep clean stay clean.

we most sincerely hope and pray for you and your family to stay safe and healthy. we are all in this together.

We provide laundromat, coin laundry, and car wash services in Roanoke and Vinton VA

All locations are safe, clean, and offer a variety of cleaning options with well maintained equipment.

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